Moosoom ( Grandfather) and Donald Lamb at Moose Lake, Summer of 1919.

Moosoom was our babysitter and guardian. Though he had a little log house of his own he spent most of his time watching over us and doing odd jobs for mother.

Our happiest memories are of Moosoom taking us in his canoe to lift his fish net so mother could have a couple of fresh white fish for dinner.

Moosoom had no Christian name so before he was baptized my older sisters, Lenore, Dorothy and Hilda chose the name John Myles and that was his baptismal name.

I was at Moose Lake in August 1933 when Moosoom died . Brother Eric and I went to his funeral service held in the little old log church . The men making a coffin had difficult time finding enough boards. As there was no minister at M L at that time, one of the Lay Readers took the service. Jonas Martin (a full blooded Indian) played the organ. The hymns ''Abide with Me"and "Nearer my God to thee were sung in Cree . Eric and I singing along with the rest of the congregation.

We were the only white people at the service .

Donald Lamb