In most families there is always the story-teller, the keeper of the light, who passes on to each generation the family biography. There are the scrapbook keepers, the family photographer, the pack rats and we have many of those in the Lamb family. As archival technology has improved and communications expanded over the internet, we, like most families, are turning out the photos, letters, the memories, the souvenirs of lives well-lived and recording them for posterity. In many families, oral traditions are strong and we are much the same. However, we are also fortunate that our story-tellers also were writers or used talented writers to document the family history.

On this page are books that have been published over the years about the Lamb family. Some of these are now out of print.
Lambair's history is detailed in the autobiography of Jack Lamb, "My Life in the North". This book is available through McNally Robinson Booksellers in Canada.
In 1984, Pulitzer Prize winning author Leland Stowe published a biography of Tom Lamb called The Last Great Frontiersman. The book was based on a series of taped interviews (available on this website) with Tom Lamb prior to his death and with family members after. The book is out of print.
Hilda Lamb Herbert was the middle daughter and middle child of THP and Caroline Lamb. The sister of Tom and Gladys (Billie), Hilda writes about her life growing up in remote northern Manitoba.
The youngest of the six flying Lamb brothers, Conrad Lamb has written his memoirs of living and working in northern Canada. "From Tractor Train to Bush Plane" is a series of stories about Conrad and his adventures while aiding in the development of the north.
Gladys Lillian Lamb Allan also known as Billie documented her family’s early life at Moose Lake Manitoba in the book “Dew Upon the Grass”. This book is out of print.